Have you ever wondered if there was more to life than what you are living right now? Perhaps you have come to the place in life that you are looking for “something more.” Your life was designed to be about much more than making it day to day. God created you with a purpose. What you are searching for can only be found in discovering God’s limitless love for you.

To discover that “something more” that you were created for is very simple. Understand that God, your creator, desires to have a personal relationship with you. In your personal relationship with God you will begin to live the kind of life God designed just for you.

Jesus Loves you so much. He died for your sin so that you might be forgiven and come to know Him. Right now take advantage of what Jesus did for you, and pray this simple prayer…

“Dear Jesus, I am ready for something more. I know I have broken your heart with my sin and I ask you to forgive me and fill me with your presence. Thank you for dying for me and taking away my sin. I give you my life.”

When you do this you will discover the “something more” you have been seeking.

If you have prayed this prayer and given your life to Jesus we would like to hear about it. Also, if you have any questions we would be glad to discuss them with you. Please contact us by phone, email or letter and let us know. You can find our contact information here.